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This Site is for informational purposes only.


The E-ZPass Group Agency Portal is restricted to representatives of E-ZPass agencies in order to obtain general meeting information, scheduals and various documents.  No customer or personal information is stored or exchanged through this site.

You must be a employee of an E-ZPass participating agency to access this area.  Your name, Agency, Title/Position, Email address and phone number are required for verification of eligibility.

If you are not an authorized employee do not attempt to register.  Your request will be deleted with no notice or acknowledgment.


If you are a E-ZPass Account Holder you must visit the website of the agency you signed up with in order to access your account.

We do not have access to your account information and can only possibly direct you to the agency that holds your account.









The E-ZPass Group is an association of toll agencies in 16 states that operates the extremely successful E-ZPass electronic toll collection program. E-ZPass enjoys tremendous brand recognition and high levels of customer satisfaction, and is the world leader in toll interoperability, with more than 32 million E-ZPass devices in circulation.                                                

While this website is primarily intended as a resource for our staff and member agencies and much of this site is therefore password protected and not available to the general public, you will find some basic information about the E-ZPass program. More detailed information can be obtained by contacting the E-ZPass service center of one of our member agencies.



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new9_e0 Central Florida Expressway Joins the E-ZPass Group


Clipart-pictures-of-birthday-cakes-birthday-pictures-2.jpg  maine 70 The Maine Turnpike turns 70!



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